Actual ventures



Merger and acquisition operations are an efficient way for companies seeking growth, to enter new markets and capture synergies.

On the other hand, the sell of an asset or company is a liquidity event for partners that allows them to capture the results of investments made in the past.

The first step in an M&A process is the alignment of the shareholders’ expectations and a valuation of the target company or asset. After that, the negotiation of the deal terms and warranties, due diligence and review of necessary legal documentation.

Negotiations and mediations are part of all our projects and are an effective way to achieve the intended results.

Actual Ventures has expertise and pays special attention to negotiations.

In some cases, we also act in the production of technical evidence in corporate arbitration and judicial disputes.

Assistance in negotiation and Disputes

Business Valuation

Companies and assets valuations are required to corporate restructuring, raising capital, and in merger and acquisition operations.

The process starts with the gathering of information and company’s documents. After that, financial analysis give support to cash flow generation forecasting.

Based on these data we evaluate the company by its book value, discounted cash flow, or business multiples.

Due diligence is a process of investigating key business information to confirm the data available to potential buyers or investors.

It is concerned with financial, accounting, fiscal, legal, labor, environmental, real estate, intellectual and technological property.

Actual Ventures can organize data rooms, coordinate the exchange of information between parties and, in some cases, confirm values, identify contingencies and produce reports that indicate the company’s situation.

Due Diligence


The dynamics of the market, high cost of capital and tax pressures often lead to situations that compromise a company’s economic viability.

In these situations, the company needs to go through a review in its operations, reducing costs, renegotiating debts, cash flow regularization and improvement of internal controls.

Actual Ventures’ team, with legal and tax advisors, provides planning, negotiation and judicial recovery planning services.

In consulting, we use our own methodology composed of 3 dimensions to add value to your company: Best financial practices; Corporate governance and Optimization of capital structure.

Each dimension comprises 3 components and about 20 key analysis that allow a company to walk a safe path to the success of your project.