Actual ventures


Your development opportunity

An interesting company for your professional development, our lean structure provides (i) exposition to complex situations of the top management of companies, (ii) team analysis processes for adequate technical solutions, and (iii) opportunities for the development of well-structured analysis and recommendations.

Our consultants undergo an accelerated professional growth when compared to most business consulting companies.

According to our career path model, your professional development relies solely on your individual capacity.

Therefore, some personal characteristics are of great importance, such as:

– Ability to add value to customers’ businesses;
– Ability to take responsibility and manage projects;
– Academic specialization; and
– Continued contribution to Actual Ventures’ results.


1 - Curriculum and cover letter analysis

Our goal is to know your educational background, professional track and personal motivation.

2 - Case study

You shall demonstrate to pursuit the essential skills to work by solving a case like those we face in our day-to-day. Our goal at this stage is to assess: (i) your analytical skills, (ii) clarity in presenting solutions, and (iii) attitude.

You shall draft an essay and undergo a brief English test.

3 - Interview with partners

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your potential and interest to compromise with us.

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